Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Whispering Preacher

As a child, I thought everyone eventually whispered when they grew old. Little did I know, there was a special story behind the lack of volume in this man's vocals.
God had a plan. A wake up call. A wreck.
Grandpa lost his voice box in a terrible car accident as a teenager. The doctors didn't expect he would make it through. God knew he would. Grandpa didn't know God. My great-grandmother (grandpa's mom) pleaded for his life with any ounce of faith she could muster in desperation. His life was spared... so that he could truly LIVE.
He had 8 kids. Became a preacher. Is now 'Grandpa Buck' to 43 grandchildren and about 50 great-grandchildren. His prayer today is that he would live to see his family spread all over the globe sharing the gospel to those who do not know.

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