Thursday, January 6, 2011

You might be in China if...

You see over 4 people on a bike
You find yourself in a traffic jam... not even during rush hour
There are no forks, only chop sticks
Someone discretely takes a picture of you because you're a foreigner
After asking, "how are you?" the response is, "I'm fine, thank you, and you?"
You hear English names like, Bamboo and Echo
You see people EVERYWHERE, no matter what hour
You can get a massage for $4
You never wear your shoes in the house
The ultimate holiday is Chinese New Year
There is rice at every meal
A whole lot of smiling and nodding is going on!
There are no front yards
The elderly are going strong!
The babies have a split right down the middle of their pants, no need for diapers
There are extravagant seat covers in every vehicle
Grand openings are HUGE!
Hugs are not popular, just arm locking as you stroll
You don't actually see anything that's exported
You meet someone new almost everyday!
There is always a chance to share the gospel with someone who's never heard