Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nathan Isaac Allen

This is a story about a family journey that gets sweeter with every step. A family who is very close at heart, but the distance among them is widely dispersed. This family spent a large number of their days all together in a land that was familiar. A land that seemed comfortable and consistent. In the midst of familiarity, consistency, and comfort, the leader of this family decided to choose the path of uncertainty with much faith. A path that would take part of this family across the world with many questions and concerns. Amidst the questions and concerns was an overwhelming peace due to God's sovereignty. As the mother and father of this family became somewhat accustomed to this foreign land, they began to reach out to people and build relationships. One particular relationship that was built will never be forgotten. It was that of a young lady who was broken and unsure of her next step. It was only by the grace of God that she connected with this particuluar family. She was with child by a man who left her all alone with nowhere to turn. She moved in with this family not knowing what she had gotten herself into. Not knowing that this mother and father had a gift to give that would far exceed a roof and four walls for her and her baby to be. They had the gift of sharing the gospel with her. She could not understand this gift because she had never been exposed to it. All she knew was hurt. The baby came into this world with half asian decent and half african decent. He knew not the world he had entered. This young, new mother gave him the English name, Nathan (a gift from God). She gave consent to this family to be the official caretakers of this sweet baby boy. She knew she could not provide him a home or a stable life. She had seen the love of Christ and love for each other this family possessed and could not explain the peace she felt during her stay. She went on to pursue her career leaving a huge piece of her heart with this family. Nathan did not understand the complexity of his situation, he only knew the need for food and rest. He did not understand the diversity in his surroundings. He did not understand that God had a special plan for his life to bring him out of a potential mess. He did not understand that his life was and will be a message that will only be explained the power of our Mighty God. This young child is a blessing to all who know him, not because of who he is, but because of where God has brought him from.

Monday, October 4, 2010

captivate us

I have been so amazed by the love of my Father in Heaven. In hard times, He strengthens me. In good times, He reminds me. In fun times, He fills me. In uneasy times, He humbles me. In lonely times, He comforts me. In idle times, He occupies me. In busy times, He evaluates me. HE IS GOD!

Psalm 139 assures me that He knows my steps. I want Him to constantly search my heart and examine my ways so that I can walk worthy of His calling.